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I get it because I’ve been in your shoes. Any of this sound familiar?

You are determined to make a full-time living as a web designer because you dream of freedom, flexibility and making an impact.

You are super smart and talented yet you don’t see the value your unique experiences and skillset bring to clients.

You don’t think you can charge “that much” for a project because you’re self-taught or don’t have many projects in your portfolio.

Your clients drag projects on forever and you don’t know how to say “no” to stop them. It feels like they’re running your business.

You are not marketing your business because deep down you feel like a fraud. You’re afraid you’ll land a difficult client or more demanding project and not know what to do.

You’re resentful and on the verge of quitting but you can’t stop thinking that there has to be a better way to run your business and reach your goals.

Free resources and support for women web designers

quitting isn’t your style!

Despite all the challenges, you ‘re determined to run a web design business that creates freedom, flexibility and a full-time income because you’re committed to making your dreams come true.

You know that with the right guidance and support anything is possible!

I'm a web design looking for WordPress support

Doing it all by trial and error makes progress painfully slow!

You don’t have to go all in on this transformation alone. Here’s what life can be like when you have someone who’s been there to guide you and show you the ropes: You’ll stop comparing yourself to other web designers and copying what you think they’re doing to run your business. You’ll get clear on your business goals, the clients you want to work with and you’ll create a personalized roadmap to your success. You’ll refine your web design skills and feel confident selling premium packages. Your pricing will reflect the value you bring to the table and clients will be happy to pay you for your expertise. You’ll set healthy boundaries that are simple to uphold and know how to handle “difficult” situations with confidence. You’ll learn how to run a profitable web design business like a pro, without making costly mistakes or having panic attacks.

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The Creative Web Designer

The Creative Web Designer is a membership program for women freelancers determined to turn their creative skills and tech-savviness into a web design business that creates consistent full-time income, freedom and flexibility.

Through workshops, worksheets, Q&As and ongoing support, I teach modern and sustainable strategies to start and scale your WordPress web design business. Helping you internalize your value as a web designer, set premium prices and create offers that transforms you from an order-taker to a valued expert clients love and refer to their peers.

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Build and sell premium WordPress websites

Create irresistible packages and attract clients that value your expertise

Market your web design business with confidence and never feeling pushy or salesy

Run web design projects like a pro from day one even if you’ve never worked with a client before

Have a system that differentiates you over everyone else that’s just offering “web design”

Create scalable streams of revenue in addition to premium “one and done” projects

on-demand web design training         Step-by-step marketing processes        business strategy mentoring

Licia brings enthusiasm and love to her work; she makes the process fun.

“Licia was a delight to work with! She worked closely with me to develop a site that met the needs of the NAIT Nugget team, creating a finished product that is both engaging for our readers and user-friendly for our staff to manage. In addition to her skills as a web developer, Licia brings enthusiasm and love to her work; she makes the process fun and leaves her clients feeling empowered and knowledgeable. She has excellent attention to detail and takes the time to build a site that meets each client’s unique needs and user abilities.”

The NAIT Nugget

Her expertise in web design is amazing – she has a solution for every problem.

“Working with Licia is always a pleasure – she takes note of all the details and goes above and beyond expectations to make sure you’re happy with the finished product. As a new entrepreneur, it was difficult finding all the things I needed and Licia referred me to resources and coaches that could help, which made my life so much easier and helped me progress on my journey. Her knowledge and expertise in web design is amazing – she has a solution for every problem, project, and query. I look forward to keep working together on projects in the future and having Licia in my network!”


I have never seen such an organized structure!

“Out of everyone I have worked with for websites, I can honestly say that I’ve had such an amazing experience with Licia. Her ability to understand our brand and put it together in a website is outstanding. I have never seen such an organized structure and she delivered the project on time and within my budget. She is open to suggestions, feedback, and changes, and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with her. Not only this, but she had suggestions with regards to making the website user friendly and is available if you have any questions.”